SPA Testing


Some testing solutions struggle to integrate with an SPA framework. With SiteSpect, you can test anything — including server-side on your SPA. For example, you might:

  • Update your search algorithm and test it in you SPA
  • Measure page speed and reduce it by eliminating unnecessary JavaScript tags
  • Make cosmetic changes to your site within the SPA framework

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You have had several problems with another SPA solution or you've found it cannot integrate with your SPA framework.
SiteSpect lets you test, personalize, and optimize on all SPA frameworks (React, Angular, Vuew, and more) with no additional integration.

You need one platform to optimize across mobile web and native apps.
SiteSpect offers a single platform for mobile web and native app optimization.

You can't test feature flags, new releases, search algorithms, vendor optimization, and more.
SiteSpect supports every server-side use case including blue-green deployment tests, combines with client-side options, integrates with your analytics and requires no third-party code or additional integration.

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revenue per visit

Industry: Home Goods, Retail

Problem: Featured products were distracting users from their regular buys.

Campaign: Moved featured products to bottom of page, beneath personalized favorites.