Test a Dynamic CTA Button Color

Use Case

Industry: Retail


In this use case, learn how a multichannel retailer used SiteSpect to test a dynamic CTA button color. The retailer wanted to test the button color on their product detail page. If they changed the color of the CTA once size and fit have been selected by the customer, would this increase the add to cart rate?



When customers enter the product detail page for a selected product, they will see the typical apparel options:

  • Clickable images of the product
  • Color options
  • Price
  • Size guide
  • Add to Cart button
  • Add to Wishlist button
  • Etc.

For the control, you will see the Add to Cart CTA is a light grey button with dark grey text. This is the default view when nothing has been selected.

Product Detail Page A

This is the test variation. When a customer selects color and size, they will see two changes: a display, “In Stock” (depending on inventory) and the Add To Cart button changes to green and the text changes to white.

Product Detail Page B

Do these changes influence the customer to click?



$1.1M estimated annual increase badge

Add to Cart: + 0.47%
Conversion: + 0.80%
Est. Annual Increase: ~$1.1M

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