Product Detail Page vs. Product Listing Page

Use Case

Industry: Retail


A music equipment retailer wanted to test their product detail page. The current product detail page only displayed the one product that was selected. To improve the customer experience, the retailer wondered what would happen if the page included a listing of similar products.

By modifying the product detail page to include similar product offerings, will this:

  • Increase add to cart?
  • Increase conversions?
  • Decrease bounce?

30% add to cart badge


For users entering a product detail page, showing them minimized product details followed below by a product list page will reduce bounce, and increase add to cart and conversion.

Campaign images

Note how the original product detail page shows the selected product with minimal options. The test shows a hybrid of the product detail page combined with a minimal product listing page.


$20M estimated annual increase badge
Bounce: – 3%
Add to Cart: + 40%
Conversion: + 30%
Est. Annual Increase: ~$20M

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