Personalized Messaging to Promote Service

Use Case

Industry: Retail, Health & Wellness


A large health food chain with a large ecommerce business, wanted to increase purchases of their subscription service. The retailer suspected that personalizing the specifics of the promotion to each individual visitor might highlight the value of the service and increase conversions.


Badge: 17% Increase in Subscription Orders


They ran an A/B test for users on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, with three personalization options:

  1. Visitors who had not engaged with the subscription box at all were presented with a generic discount on their first subscription order.
  2. Visitors who had clicked and viewed the subscription box details, but had not purchased yet, were presented with the same discount plus recommended items and a more prominent CTA.
  3. Visitors who purchased the subscription box were presented with a reminder to preview their purchases or add recurring items to their orders.
    The goal of this test was to determine whether it encouraged more productive engagement with the new product offer through the personalized promotional messaging and if that increased conversions and/or lifted revenue.



+15% increase in views of subscription service
+16%increase in subscription service add to cart
+17% increase in subscription orders

Based on these results, the brand released the personalized messaging to 100% of its site visitors.

Badge: 16% increase add to cart

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