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Visitors to your website, app, or mobile sites look to your navigation options first to determine relevance and convenience. A confusing navigation, limited options, or even poor visibility will significantly impact engagement and conversions. You may also see collateral SEO impact due to lack of traffic, insufficient linking, and poor visibility to valuable pages. With SiteSpect, you might test a redesign of your navigation menu, personalize navigation options for user segments, or experiment with the placement or names of your menu items.

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You cannot make big design changes without using development resources.
In SiteSpect, you can use the Visual Editor to make any client-side change you’d like. All without any coding.

You struggle to create multiple changes across several pages.
SiteSpect, including VE, allows you to make unlimited changes across all of your sites.

It’s difficult to ensure that the same users see the same experience across channels.
With SiteSpect Omnichannel Testing, users are automatically recognized across devices and served the same experience.

You are unable to segment users and personalize their experience.
SiteSpect allows you create any custom segments based on any metrics, such as recognized users, geolocation, device, and more.

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If you have many pages in your navigation, you may want to streamline them on your homepage.


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Industry: Retail

Problem: An overwhelming navigation made it difficult for customers to find what they needed

Campaign: Limited and personalized options based on user segments