Login Flow Testing


Logins are important for understanding user behavior, providing personalized experiences, and reaching your customers. But if the login process isn’t optimized customers won’t create accounts. Some reasons for high drop-off at sign in pages are,

  • Requiring too many steps to account creation
  • Not offering a log in as guest option
  • It is unclear when or how to login

Success Story


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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You struggle to create a test that makes multiple changes on several pages.
SiteSpect allows unlimited changes across all web pages, devices, and channels.

You are concerned about compliance and data breaches.
SiteSpect is PCI and GDPR Compliant, giving you an additional layer of security.

Your current testing and personalization solutions do not work with https sections of your site.
SiteSpect works seamlessly across https sites.

Success Story

This A/B test helped customers set up membership accounts.


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Industry: Home Goods, Retail

Problem: Extremely high exit rate from sign-in page

Campaign: Introduced a dropdown menu with prominent create an account options