Image Optimization on Mobile


What draws conversions on your desktop site may not translate to mobile. Mobile specific testing allows you to compare performance not only across devices, but to run device specific tests. For example you might:

  • Use a different hero image on your mobile site than on your desktop site
  • Condense the copy and reduce the steps to conversion
  • Redesign buttons or navigation for ergonomic ease of use

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You have had several problems with another SPA solution or you’ve found it cannot integrate with your SPA framework.
SiteSpect lets you test, personalize, and optimize on all SPA frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, and more) with no additional integration.

You need one platform to optimize across mobile web and native apps.
SiteSpect offers a single platform for mobile web and native app optimization.

Your current testing platform causes flicker and inconsistent user experiences.
SiteSpect is flicker free, avoiding the pitfalls of tag-based solutions. tests.

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Industry: Education

Problem: Lagging conversion rate on mobile

Campaign: Introduced highly specific images on submission pages