The Power of Personalization

Lisa Frank

One of SiteSpect’s strongest features is its ability to target users and personalize their experience. It allows you to target content using a wide range of criteria, which provides a sharper focus when it comes time to delivering personalized content. Recent product enhancements have made SiteSpect’s personalization features even better.

Blog: Testing Single Page Applications with SiteSpect

Lisa Frank

The choice of technology for building a website will impact your consumer experience. At SiteSpect, we are seeing more digital businesses build Single Page Applications (SPA) as the architecture for an improved site experience.

4 Ways to Automate Testing with SiteSpect

Lisa Frank

Your optimization program is catching on and your team is busy conducting tests for many different groups in your company. You are the person responsible for continuous site optimization. And you need to grow your program without adding resources to your team. How can you increase your impact? Through automation.

Using the SiteSpect API in Your Optimization Program

Lisa Frank

Software companies often provide access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow their customers to extend the product and solve business problems. For example, in the world of optimization, an API can be used to automate certain aspects of the testing program or help test a feature or site release.

SiteSpect Enables Programmatic Approach to Testing with Major Expansion of its APIs

Kim Ann King

SiteSpect announced a major expansion to its APIs, which extend the functionality of its site optimization platform.

Developing the SiteSpect Mobile: iOS SDK

Lisa Frank

Iwo Kadziela, Product Manager, discusses the SiteSpect Mobile: iOS SDK and how our customers benefit from using it to test their apps.

New Optimization Buyers Kit Now Available from SiteSpect

Kim Ann King

SiteSpect has released a new, free Optimization Buyers Kit.

Why Math Matters

Lisa Frank

Running a successful website optimization program requires careful planning, execution, and a thorough analysis of results. As a practitioner, your schedule is already full with the day-to-day business of running your test campaigns. In addition to everything you do, it is important to understand how A/B and multivariate test results are derived. Math matters, and here is why.

Blog: Optimization Vendor Checklist: 12 Must-Haves in a Testing & Targeting Solution

Kim Ann King

If you are looking for a new web optimization vendor, or checking out testing technology for the first time, make sure you are asking all the right questions.

Optimizing Mobile Performance in Responsive Design

Iwo Kadziela

Responsive design, the concept of building a web page that stretches/shrinks into differently sized screens, can have a big impact on page performance, especially on mobile devices. A recent study cited in eWeek revealed unacceptable page load times of 155 responsive sites analyzed. In fact, just 21% of the sites loaded in less than four seconds on mobile phones. The study identifies site images as the major culprit behind slow load time. For all sites, the average page weight is often adversely impacted by image size. Server-side technology can help solve this problem.