The Road to the Boston Marathon: How to Test and Optimize Marathon Training

Eric Fagerlund

I’ve been training for the Boston Marathon all winter (you can read all about why over in my first blog), and over the course of these months I’ve realized how much that training shows up in other aspects of my life. Including in my job at SiteSpect — an optimization and testing solution — where I deliver a platform that helps organizations test and optimize their digital channels.

Bad Data, Bad Queen: Cersei Lannister and CX Optimization

Ruby Perlmutter

Cersei Lannister is the worst. She has a kind of twisted logic underneath everything she does, but it’s driven by something horrible. What drives her? Bad data. She operates in a world completely her own and has no understanding of (or interest in) how her actions affect citizens of Kings Landing. As a testing solution, she has all the requisite components — the software, the design capabilities, the customers — but her decisions are based on inaccurate or incomplete data, delivering no ROI. How can you optimize your customer experience without really understanding it?

Testing Solutions: Should you Build or Buy? (Part 2 of a series)

Paul Bernier

Should you build it or buy it? That’s a question that keeps percolating up when I talk to my colleagues in the optimization world. After many discussions and much thought on the topic, I think I’ve found the answer to a big question: Should I reinvent the wheel or not?

Amazon’s Cloud Outage: Three Lessons That Can Help You Long Term

Edward Burek

Amazon’s AWS cloud outage last week is a good example of a rare lightning strike. Every cloud-based solution provider puts safeguards in place to meet that 99.99% uptime guarantee. But in Amazon’s case, it wasn’t a virus or malware that caused the disruption – it was just a simple human error according to this Fortune Magazine article.

There’s Really Only One Metric that Matters

Edward Burek

The ‘Customer is King’, the ‘Customer is always right’, ‘customer obsessed’ or whatever term you want to supplant - all companies claim they focus on the customer.  And why wouldn’t you? No customer wants to hear they are not the central focus.

Moving Customers through the Conversion Funnel to Drive Repeat Purchases

Michael Clark

Getting customers to complete a transaction is the ultimate goal for every retailer, but customer loyalty - and thus repeat purchases - drive long-term revenue and sustainability. However, e-tailers face many barriers when it comes to gaining a customer’s loyalty, which is heavily influenced by their online retail experience.