The Role of Mobile Devices in Researching Travel Options

Lisa Frank

An increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices to research travel options. They may research and book a trip using only a mobile device. This post shares some practical ways you can use tests to optimize your mobile presence.

Mobile Commerce and the 2014 Holiday Season

Lisa Frank

Retailers are seeing mobile commerce take on a greater role in the 2014 holiday season. To maximize your conversions, your optimization program should test all aspects of the mobile experience.

Developing the SiteSpect Mobile: iOS SDK

Lisa Frank

Iwo Kadziela, Product Manager, discusses the SiteSpect Mobile: iOS SDK and how our customers benefit from using it to test their apps.

Increase Engagement And Revenue With Optimized Mobile Experiences

Kim Ann King

How can online retailers maximize their ROI from their mobile channel?

Native App Testing with SiteSpect

Kim Ann King

The new SiteSpect Mobile: iOS SDK enables you to perform A/B testing and behavioral targeting for native iOS apps.

Use Testing to Increase Mobile Response Rates

Lisa Frank

If you think optimization is just for websites, think again. Companies around the world are combining multivariate testing with mobile to gain a competitive advantage and better engage with their customers.

Online Sales from Tablets vs. Smartphones, Revisited

Ellen Julian

I’ve always assumed that the person sitting next to me on the train was just using their tablet to read or play a game.

Optimizing Mobile Performance in Responsive Design

Iwo Kadziela

Responsive design, the concept of building a web page that stretches/shrinks into differently sized screens, can have a big impact on page performance, especially on mobile devices. A recent study cited in eWeek revealed unacceptable page load times of 155 responsive sites analyzed. In fact, just 21% of the sites loaded in less than four seconds on mobile phones. The study identifies site images as the major culprit behind slow load time. For all sites, the average page weight is often adversely impacted by image size. Server-side technology can help solve this problem.

Why Tablets Should Be Treated Differently Than Smartphones

Jeffrey Vocell

14.4%. That’s the percentage of all online sales driven by tablets on Black Friday, according to the new IBM Benchmark Report. With all of the buzz around mobile, it’s important to consider the impact that tablets have on customer experience, marketing, and sales. As experiences and shopping patterns differ between smartphone and tablet users, your overall mobile strategy should consider each group separately.

5 Mobile Site Performance Challenges (and How to Fix Them)

Jeffrey Vocell

Mobile devices represent a significant, and growing, portion of all Internet traffic (15% according to the latest Mary Meeker Internet Trends report). Clearly, having a mobile site is important, but it also has to be fast and functional in order to deliver the best and most enjoyable user experience possible.