The Best Testing Fail of the Week: When No News is Great News

Luke Hardwick

This week’s Best Testing Fail of the Week celebrates the anticlimactic results. The tests that you expect to make all the difference but turn up nothing. More often than you might think, big wins can come out of unimpressive results. Here’s one case where that was especially true.

The Road to the Boston Marathon: How to Test and Optimize Marathon Training

Eric Fagerlund

I’ve been training for the Boston Marathon all winter (you can read all about why over in my first blog), and over the course of these months I’ve realized how much that training shows up in other aspects of my life. Including in my job at SiteSpect — an optimization and testing solution — where I deliver a platform that helps organizations test and optimize their digital channels.

The Best Testing Fail of the Week: Search Bar Snafu Sent This Brand on the Hunt

Sally Hall

There’s one part of winning that most of us forget to talk about: Losing. The only way to really win big is to take big risks, and those risks sometimes teach you what not to do. In the business of testing and optimization, you’ll have to face some losses before you find a winner. Fortunately, if you test smart, those losses don’t have to show up in your revenue stream or bottom line. Instead, we celebrate those losing tests with our Best Fail of the Week.

Trouble in Westeros: Testing and Optimization in Game of Thrones

Ruby Perlmutter

Game of Thrones may be on hiatus between seasons, but its relevance is not. At heart, the series has a lot to do with customer experience optimization solutions — if you replace “customer experience” with “people of Westeros.” If this connection isn’t already obvious to you, by the end of this article it will be. Hear me out.

Good enough? A closer look at Google’s Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers

Jill Marguette

Google recently announced that it is launching a new product for enterprise marketers to directly challenge Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and similar services.

Risk-Free Personalization

Ellen Julian

Recently we noted that personalization is marketing’s nirvana. But how can you as a digital marketer be certain your personalization campaigns will yield results? Without careful planning and constant analysis, customizing websites for individual visitors can be a risky strategy.

Testing Google Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) with SiteSpect

Iwo Kadziela

The AMP project was recently launched by Google to accelerate the mobile web. This development is exciting for SiteSpect not only because our solution is compatible and supports website speed optimization, but also because it highlights how JavaScript tags can slow down your website. Fast AMP pages achieve their high speed because they do not allow third-party JavaScript tags, synchronous JavaScript, and JavaScript that blocks the critical path.

5 Research-Backed Tips for Achieving Optimization Greatness

Ellen Julian

Analytics form the foundation of a sound optimization program. How you leverage data – and when – is key to your success.

Amazon-ize Your Conversion Rate

Ellen Julian

The latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey reveals that 40 percent of all American adults search Amazon always or most of the time when shopping online. A staggering 50 percent of those Americans who search Amazon most frequently actually make a purchase.

A Nice Way to Start the Year

Ellen Julian

We are delighted and honored to be named a Digital Power Player in Testing and Optimization by Website Magazine