How Product Recommendations Can Replicate the In-Store Experience

Smiling female looking at laptop with credit card.

More consumers are turning to online shopping, which means an optimal customer experience is more important than ever. According to McKinsey and Company, 80% of respondents want personalization from retailers. Putting customer experience at the forefront of your digital strategy is the key to a brand’s success. Optimizing the online shopping journey isn’t just about better,…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: The Importance of Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omnichannel retail technology

In today’s digital-first world, customer experience plays a key role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to PwC, 73% of consumers say customer experience is more important than price and product quality. There’s no doubt that a positive customer experience drives revenue and retention. However, evolving consumer expectations are beginning to focus on a specific type…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Retail Personalization in 2021 and Beyond

Woman shopping online

For online retailers, personalization is the key to enhancing the customer experience and building brand loyalty. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides a personalized experience. A robust personalization strategy is even more important now as more shoppers opt for digital experiences. Check out these three industry…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Trends to Watch in 2021


Between shifting to remote workforces and creating digital-first experiences, businesses went through many changes in 2020 – and quickly. Now that we have rung in the New Year, there is a lot to reflect on and much to look forward to. Here are three articles with customer experience, retail, and martech trends to watch in…

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