How Product Recommendations Can Replicate the In-Store Experience

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More consumers are turning to online shopping, which means an optimal customer experience is more important than ever. According to McKinsey and Company, 80% of respondents want personalization from retailers. Putting customer experience at the forefront of your digital strategy is the key to a brand’s success. Optimizing the online shopping journey isn’t just about better,…

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How Sun & Ski Sports Compared Product Recommendation Placements

One of the largest specialty outdoor retailers in America, Sun & Ski Sports is inspiring you to let adventure into your life confidently through exceptional customer service, first-hand expertise, and competitively priced brands ready to perform for any journey – to be where you live and play. Sun & Ski Sports delivers a small-store feel…

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How SiteSpect Benefits Marketers

As a marketer, your main goals are to generate leads and drive revenue for your business. There are many tools and channels available to help you meet these goals, but if you’re not operating with an experimentation mindset, you’re probably not reaching your full potential.  A/B testing and optimizing your marketing efforts is the key…

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How to Optimize Your Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are an excellent way to optimize the customer experience and drive conversions. They allow you to create an in-store experience for your online customers all while boosting metrics like average order value and revenue. However, it’s important to remember that product recommendations aren’t one-size-fits all; what works for one online business might not…

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Creating an In-Person Experience with Product Recommendations

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As consumers continue to favor online over in-person shopping, businesses are faced with the task of not only optimizing the online experience, but adding a human touch to them. According to CMSWire, 83% of people said they were more likely to do business with a brand that they have an emotional connection with. Now more…

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How to Boost Revenue with Product Recommendations

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Product recommendations are an excellent way to enhance the customer experience by tailoring content specifically for each individual and helping users find what they want. And the better the customer experience, the more conversions and revenue you’ll drive. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop from a brand that remembers them…

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