5 Ways Server-Side Testing and Feature Flagging is Revolutionizing the Online Retail Shopping Experience

Mobile phone user shopping online, an experience influenced by server-side testing

For retail organizations, a better understanding of shopper behavior is a top priority. Whether you already have data-driven insights or still need to uncover your customers’ shopping habits, server-side testing can help you discover actionable preferences and put the results into effect on your website, turning your understanding of user actions into a concrete strategy…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Privacy & Personalization

Marketers have had to keep up with many new privacy regulations in recent years, including laws like GDPR and CCPA, and browser tracking protections like Safari ITP. According to a Pew report, 79% of Americans are concerned about the way companies are using their data. But even with data privacy concerns, people want and expect…

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How SiteSpect Benefits Marketers

As a marketer, your main goals are to generate leads and drive revenue for your business. There are many tools and channels available to help you meet these goals, but if you’re not operating with an experimentation mindset, you’re probably not reaching your full potential.  A/B testing and optimizing your marketing efforts is the key…

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How to Optimize Your Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are an excellent way to optimize the customer experience and drive conversions. They allow you to create an in-store experience for your online customers all while boosting metrics like average order value and revenue. However, it’s important to remember that product recommendations aren’t one-size-fits all; what works for one online business might not…

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Strengthening Customer Relationships with Personalization

Online shopping

Online shopping grew an astounding 44% in 2020, and e-commerce websites are springing up everywhere.  As consumers continue to opt for digital experiences, the number of businesses migrating online will likely keep growing in the years to come. The thing about shops migrating online is that sometimes online shopping becomes a bland, uniform affair of…

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