How to Improve Your Patient Portal Experience with A/B Testing

Visual depiction of a person engaging in their patient portal experience.

We’ve come a long way technologically from the handwritten appointment cards once commonly used in healthcare settings. While patients today can probably still get one, depending on the practice, online patient portals have since been introduced, making the patient experience quicker, easier, and virtually painless (no pun intended). With 73% of patients now offered access…

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Navigating Digital Experimentation with HIPAA Compliance

hipaa compliance graphic

Connecting with users online gives healthcare organizations more opportunities to reach their patients and customers. It also increases the risk profile of PHI and other sensitive data protected by HIPAA compliance. With 95% of all identity theft incidents coming from stolen healthcare records, data security is always a top priority for healthcare organizations. But maintaining…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Privacy & Personalization

Marketers have had to keep up with many new privacy regulations in recent years, including laws like GDPR and CCPA, and browser tracking protections like Safari ITP. According to a Pew report, 79% of Americans are concerned about the way companies are using their data. But even with data privacy concerns, people want and expect…

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The Future of Marketing: What to Expect in a Cookie-less World

With third-party cookies on their way out, marketers everywhere are having to rework their data strategies. From browser tracking protections like Safari ITP and Mozilla Firefox ETP to Google’s upcoming move to Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), the increasing number of data privacy regulations can feel overwhelming. However, the end of third-party data really presents…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Customer Data Privacy

Woman using smartphone with icon graphic cyber security network of connected devices and personal data information

The topic of consumer data privacy seems to come up more and more often in marketing, digital optimization, and ecommerce. Customer data is the cornerstone of providing relevant, personalized experiences. But with growing concerns from users and increasing privacy regulations, it’s crucial to let your customers know what data you’re collecting from them, what you…

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