Our 2021 Product Vision

The past year’s online-heavy business focus has put unprecedented pressure on the Marketer to improve user experience, personalization, and secure all possible market share and revenue. This has driven a need to:  Access more-powerful web optimization tools.  Do so using fast, user-friendly, “WYSIWYG” visual editors that don’t require technical expertise. Seamlessly collaborate with peer groups…

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Common Mistakes in A/B Testing: Testing Too Small

Often website optimization teams, especially new ones, A/B test aspects of sites that have been frequent subjects of debate, like button colors, calls to action, and hero images. Finally, we get to settle those debates once and for all: should the Buy Now button be green or blue? What’s the best phrase to convey our…

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How Schiphol Airport Increased Conversions

Digital optimization can help you improve the customer experience no matter what line of business you’re in. Schiphol Airport, the largest international airport in the Netherlands, considers their digital presence a critical part of their success, and therefore optimizes it with SiteSpect.  Unlike a typical ecommerce website, Schiphol’s main source of direct revenue is parking…

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How to Choose the Right Optimization Platform in 2021

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The past year has seen the landscape for digital optimization face a sea change. A series of major acquisitions has narrowed the market for optimization platforms, and the pandemic environment has pushed digital optimization to the top of the priority list for most brands. This environment has pushed many brands to either reassess their martech…

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How to Get Proven Product Success with SiteSpect Rollouts

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Releasing a new product is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time. You’re looking forward to launching the feature or product you’ve worked so hard on, but you can’t say for sure whether it will perform the way you want it to. What if you could feel confident in your next release and accelerate your time…

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How to Continuously Optimize the Customer Experience

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As we move into a digital-first world, your online customer experience is more important than ever. In an unexpected 2020, businesses had to significantly shift their customer experience strategy to keep up with new consumer expectations. These expectations will only continue to evolve in 2021, meaning your customer experience needs to be ready to evolve…

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