SiteSpect‘s Knowledge Event ‘On the road to a CRO-minded organization’

By Shirley de Goeij

March 25, 2022


On March 8, SiteSpect Europe hosted a conversion rate optimization (CRO) knowledge event in Het Centraal Ketelhuis in Amersfoort, Netherlands. It was an inspiring afternoon full of knowledge sharing by our customer Schiphol, one of our partners, Direct Impact, and our colleague Erwin Kerk. Various organizations attended the event to gain knowledge and share their experiences.

Sharing knowledge

The knowledge session was centered around the road to a CRO-minded organization. Topics like the ‘cookie less’ world, how CRO is organized at Schiphol, the difference between traditional client-side JavaScript testing and the power of A/B testing with SiteSpect, and why Direct Impact loves working with SiteSpect were discussed. We finished the afternoon with an interactive session led by Erwin Kerk about personalization, online and offline data, omnichannel, SPA integrations, and server-side testing!


It was interesting to learn how much knowledge was shared about these topics. Additionally, it was quite inspiring to discover that, certainly around the ‘cookie less’ world and getting more support for CRO within the organization, there are still steps to be taken or room for improvement. One of the key take-aways: “Your team is not alone, get off the island and involve the development team and other departments within the organization in the process of becoming a CRO-minded organization”. The interaction was also very powerful. The attendees were willing to share their experiences and organizations are absolutely focused on getting so much more out of A/B testing and personalization.

Looking forward

The benefit of organizing this type of event is that at SiteSpect, we are more than just an optimization solution. We strive to give our customers the best support and we love to share our knowledge. One of the key aspects of this event was to see how enthusiastic our customers and partners are about working with SiteSpect and share these experiences with the attendees. 

The evaluation shows that the attendees have numerous ideas for other events. So, keep a close eye out for the next SiteSpect Knowledge Event. 

To learn more about our upcoming events or about our unique solution, feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting with us or request your own personalized demo.


Shirley de Goeij

Shirley de Goeij

Shirley de Goeij is Sales & Marketing Manager of SiteSpect Europe, she is based in the Netherlands and currently has over 5 years of experience in marketing and over 4 years in sales. Shirley is skilled in Strategic Marketing & Branding, Account Management and Sales. She always strives to give our clients and potential clients the best experiences and be successful in achieving their goals!

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