SiteSpect vs. AB Tasty

A/B testing software tests versions of webpages and digital experiences to promote the best outcomes. Companies use these tools to improve conversion rates and engage more of the visitors that interact with their brands online.

SiteSpect is a user experience A/B testing, personalization, and optimization platform that tests strategic changes to your website, mobile site, and other digital applications, with real-time data analytics, superior performance, and 24/7 support.

See how SiteSpect compares to AB Tasty.

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Why Choose SiteSpect over AB Tasty?

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    SiteSpect is Faster

    Seamlessly test, target, and personalize every aspect of your digital presence with no limitations and no compromises. If anything matters while optimizing your digital channels, it’s that your digital channels work. A solution that causes poor performance isn’t optimizing your site. Faster sites convert, and SiteSpect is the only solution that does not cause flicker or latency. Rather than another version of what you’re already struggling with, SiteSpect sits directly in the flow of traffic. No matter how many campaigns you run, you can be sure your site will perform well and run smoothly.

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    Purpose Built for Single Page Applications (SPAs)

    Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are strategic components to streamlining and improving the user experience. Many companies are either running SPAs already or have defined plans to migrate to an SPA framework as part of their next-generation release. Is your optimization and personalization platform ready?

    SiteSpect is the only solution built to work for your SPA, no matter the framework, like React and Angular. With SiteSpect you have the full suite of capabilities, including use of our Visual Editor, on your SPA. Many companies switch to SiteSpect because they need an SPA solution, and SiteSpect is the only solution that provides the same advanced optimization capabilities whether you’re on a traditional website or an SPA.

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    Client-Side and Server-Side Testing in One Platform

    Many customers struggle to grow their optimization program because they cannot integrate their client-side and server-side testing solutions. If you want to do full stack testing, you're stuck with two separate interfaces, two separate sets of analytics, and two different toolboxes. SiteSpect puts client-side and server-side together, even within the same test. One implementation, one dashboard, all the capabilities you need to optimize every part of your site.

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    Already Integrated with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

    GA4 promises improved tracking, data analysis, privacy controls, enhanced reporting, and new customization options. If your organization is one of the many looking to implement GA4, rest easy knowing that SiteSpect already integrates fully with GA4 as well as all other leading analytics platforms.

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Top Reasons to Go With SiteSpect

Optimize Everything

Unified optimization across all channels and devices.

Scale As You Grow

Function and capacity to meet any optimization team journey.

Faster Site Performance

The fastest optimization platform on the planet.

Partner With An Expert

Optimization and user experience specialists assigned to your team.

Better Data

The most accurate data for smarter business decisions.

Secure And Certified

PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and all the controls to let you sleep easy.

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