Customized and Designed to Accelerate Success

Beause not all organizations are alike, our service engagements are custom-fit to your needs and designed to accelerate success. When it comes to improving customer experience, our experts are uniquely qualified to help in these key areas:

Discovery and Assessment: Using a research-driven approach, we work with you and your team to understand your optimization needs. After careful analysis, we document the key opportunities for achieiving your business objectives. Then, we validate those opportunities using controlled experiments. Our experts conduct a competitive evaluation and usability assessment. The result is a comprehensive list of optimization improvements designed for maximize revenue while reducing risk.

Prioritize: In this service engagement, together we develop an optmization roadmap to help you manage your testing programs. As you progress, we help you dynamically queue and prioritize your optimization efforts. Our objective is to enable you to continue building your testing momentum and successful campaign execution.

Design and Develop: Our expert services team, including optimization consultants, designers and web developers, will assist you with experimental design, campaign development and quality assurance. Working together, we enable advanced optimization program design and use cases that SiteSpect experts are uniquely capable of executing quickly and effectively.

Experiment: Our solution leverages optimization designs and collects comprehensive data on your customers' responses to compaign variations. It closely monitors the data to ensure integrity and determine whether a sufficient sample has been collected or if any other campaigns are required.

Analyze: Once each campaign is completed, we analyze the data to fully understand behavioral impact across a number of business cirtical metrics and market segments. These insights improve business decisions, provide clear next steps and outline hypotheses for follow-up exploration.

When it comes to improving customer experience, let our experts help you get on the fast track.