Case Study

Schiphol Airport Increases Parking Spot Bookings



Schiphol, Netherlands

About Schiphol

Schiphol Airport is the largest international airport in the Netherlands, located just outside of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol welcomed 20.9 million passengers in 2020 and processed 1.4 million tons of cargo. With its 316 direct destinations all over the world, Schiphol offers one of the best destinations and frequencies networks in Europe. As such, Schiphol’s website and digital presence are critical to both the customer experience and the revenue potential of the company. As part of their strategy, Schiphol’s customer experience team experiments and optimizes their site with SiteSpect.

Airport websites generate revenue differently from a typical ecommerce site. Their primary product for sale is parking spots, and this is their main source of direct revenue. However, the site also promotes information for the visitors in regard to catering options, retail shops, and available services within the airport, as well as up-to-the-minute flight and travel information. The website’s primary goals are to sell parking spots, ensure customers have a pleasant and smooth travel experience, and promote the shops, restaurants, bars, and services within the airport.

Optimizing Parking Spot Promotions

In this case study, Schiphol sought to synchronize the website experience with the right stage of the customer journey. One of the examples is the optimization of the advertising for parking spots. What is the best moment in the customer journey to sell a parking spot? When should they push promotions and ads?

When users are logged in or after they purchase a flight, Schiphol is able to target useful information based on the date and time of their flight. For example, advertising parking is unlikely to lead to a conversion one hour before a flight, since the visitor is likely already in the airport. However, in the days leading up to a flight, users are more likely to be searching for information on parking and ready to purchase.

Schiphol took this idea and used it to optimize personalized banners on their site that meet the appropriate customer journey stage of the passenger. To do this, they segmented visitors by departure time so that they could display appropriate promotions. For users within hours of their flights, Schiphol displayed vouchers for in-airport shopping and flight information rather than parking. 


After concluding this test, Schiphol found that conversions for buying parking spots increased 26.24% — a huge win for the airport. In addition, by targeting shopping vouchers in the same way, they saw a 57.95% increase in clicks on the voucher. 

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