Optimize Functionality

It’s time to optimize how your site works, not just how it looks. SiteSpect Origin Experiments allows you to quantify the impact of every back-end site change for every user, enabling product and development teams to measure and analyze functionality that previously could not have been optimized without considerable effort. Now you can optimize functionality such as feature launches, search algorithms, checkout flow, and pricing while targeting the optimal experience for key segments or specific users.

Eliminate Guesswork

Origin Experiments will help you take assumptions out of launching your next feature by quantifying changes in user metrics such as average order value, conversion rates, and engagement, allowing you to compare the new feature with the previous version. Ensure that your new feature is having a standalone impact, not just being helped by great marketing.

Examples of Origin Experiments

As part of SiteSpect’s digital optimization platform, you can test a broad array of web and mobile site functionality. Some examples include:

  • New Feature Releases – soft launch new features on a subset of users and learn how they respond, in real-time. This additional customer insight can help you iterate on features more quickly and deliver enhancements that actually move the needle.
  • Feature Segmentation – present different features to different audiences based on customer value, device, geography, new vs. existing customers, etc. in order to optimize KPIs. In addition, robust experiment scheduling and management enable you to activate, deactivate, and change exposure level (e.g. 5% vs. 100% of a variation), so you can target and incrementally roll out features.
  • Search Algorithm Optimization – make head-to-head comparisons of the effectiveness of different versions of your search algorithms, or even multiple search vendor software solutions.
  • Pricing Experiments – test your “free shipping“ threshold, or offer different price promotions to distinct sets of targeted users. For example, if you want to test the impact of changing the threshold to obtain free shipping from $50 to $35, Origin Experiments can dynamically update the subtotal window to notify the shopper when they have reached the new $35 free shipping threshold.
  • Complete Site Redesigns – enable the testing of radical changes to your site experience targeted to specific users.
  • Checkout Flow and Functionality – Optimize your checkout flow through experimentation. For example, if you want to test making your five-step checkout process only three steps for logged in users, Origin Experiments can route specific segments of users directly to one flow (3-step) versus the other (5-step).
  • Any experiment that compares one set of back-end functionality or database content vs. a different set.

How It Works

To create an Origin Experiment, first create a SiteSpect Campaign and define your KPIs, targeting criteria, and any other test parameters. The SiteSpect Origin Experiment will then transmit the test parameters of end users via HTTP cookies or request headers.

This provides a means for the origin application or load balancer to inspect these test values, and then execute branching logic to alter its behavior.

An end user’s test participation is signaled to the origin starting on the very first HTTP request of the session. By performing these actions on the first HTTP request (before it arrives at the origin server), Origin Experiments will correctly support application servers that utilize “session on start” functions, as well as maintain proper server affinity in environments that use layer 7 load balancing. Working as a reverse proxy solution, SiteSpect is uniquely capable of performing these types of experiments due to its optimization architecture and position within network flow.

For example, if an end user typed in www.example.com, the server that hosts this site will execute “if… then” logic that matches predefined parameters for the test and load the defined set of features or functionality. This simple “if… then” logic allows you to execute additional, ongoing testing ideas, and works seamlessly in your existing network infrastructure.

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect provides the world’s only non-intrusive optimization platform, enabling web and mobile marketers to significantly improve key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement. SiteSpect’s solutions include rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization. With SiteSpect, marketers enjoy unmatched speed and flexibility without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect’s patent-pending technology and professional services are used by many of the world’s leading online businesses, such as Wal-Mart, Staples, Mozilla, JCPenney, MTV, ASOS, Overstock.com, VEGAS.com, and leading financial services companies. For more information, visit www.SiteSpect.com or call 617-859-1900.