Targeting is one of the fundamental principles of successful marketing, and SiteSpect gives web and mobile marketers a powerful set of capabilities that drive content relevance and personalization for each visitor segment. These include:

  • Personalization & Targeting present the most relevant offers, content, products, and services.
  • Targeted Experimentation test elements of your site to glean insight into what influences segment behavior.

Lifetime Visitor Profiling™ (LVP)

SiteSpect’s Lifetime Visitor Profiling engine learns about each individual visitor and builds an anonymous profile of them over time. This information makes it easy for web marketers and analysts to create targeting campaigns, and also conduct ad hoc data segmentation, all without the need to purchase or integrate any additional tools. SiteSpect LVP data can even be exported and utilized in other products and services to better inform offline and multichannel marketing efforts.

Targeting and Segmentation Dimensions

SiteSpect provides many built-in dimensions that can be used individually or in combination for targeting and personalization. These dimensions include:

Targeting Dimensions Examples
Behavioral – both past and in-session browsing activities. Show a special offer to new site visitors, or to those who visited recently but didn’t complete a purchase.
RFM – recency, frequency, and monetary value of visitor. Rewards frequent or high-value visitors with personalized content or loyalty perks.
Mobile – device and capabilities. Tailor content for small screens (versus desktops), or display different navigation if a touch screen is supported.
Geographic – country, region/state, and marketing area (MSA). Target relevant travel or seasonal promotions based on the visitor’s location.
Language Localize core navigation or promotional elements based on visitor’s language.
Browser and operating system Target the sale of software, peripherals, or services that may be specific to Macs versus Windows.
Time parting – time of day, day of week, and timezone. Engage visitors differently during business hours than during evening or weekend hours.
Contextual – referring site, search engine search terms, paid versus organic, and landing page. Personalize landing page content based on referring search engine, keywords, or text ad copy.
Externally defined – CRM, user databases, or third-party data sources. Target offers or upsell suggestions based on customer history data that resides only in your internal CRM system.

In addition to these examples, SiteSpect lets you freely combine dimensions for even richer targeting efforts. For example, geographic combined with language offers the opportunity for cultural targeting of audiences such as French speakers living in Canada or Switzerland versus their English- or German-speaking counterparts.

The Optimization Lifecycle

SiteSpect’s rich targeting capabilities not only allow you to personalize your site around specific visitor dimensions, but also to conduct on-the-fly segmentation analysis of any campaign data in real time. For example, how do desktop visitors differ from mobile visitors, or how do iPhone visitors differ from Android visitors. These insights, in turn, drive the “test-learn-target-repeat” lifecycle that produces optimal marketing results.

All In The Box

Personalization and targeting are included in all SiteSpect accounts. There are no add-ons or additional features to purchase or implement – simply everything you need to optimize your site. And since SiteSpect is non-intrusive, your targeting efforts won’t require any site modifications or tagging. Just fast, agile optimization tools that produce measurably better experiences for your site visitors.

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect provides the world's only non-intrusive optimization platform, enabling web and mobile marketers to significantly improve key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement. SiteSpect’s solutions include rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral personalization and target, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization. With SiteSpect, marketers enjoy unmatched speed and flexibility without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect's patent-pending technology and professional services are used by many of the world's leading online businesses, such as Wal-Mart, Staples, Mozilla, JCPenney, MTV, ASOS,,, and Unitrin. For more information, visit or call 617-859-1900.