Quick reports & insights for smarter decisions

SiteSpect provides advanced analytics and dashboards on all aspects of your customers’ digital experiences. Through meaningful insights — not just raw data — SiteSpect’s full lineup of dashboards, reports and alerts gives companies a clear view, efficient management and empowerment to hone their customer experience strategy.

Various stakeholders, such as developers, marketers, product management and IT, can monitor the impact of changes and take immediate action because SiteSpect simplifies real-time test data reviews.

Direct access to dashboards and a library of pre-built reports allows all stakeholders to quickly analyze and understand relevant campaigns and outcomes.

The SiteSpect Dashboard includes an ROI model which is based on transparency, simplicity and our patented approach to customer experience optimization.

Throughout the enterprise, stakeholders can configure, customize, save, and share SiteSpect insights to improve collaboration across the organization.

SiteSpect Dashboard


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