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Boosting Revenue Has Never Been This Easy!

  • No Code

  • AI Powered

  • Easy implementation

  • Test and optimize

  • Lower cost & higher ROI

  • Anywhere, on any page

No Developers, No Code

With SiteSpect, you can now add product recommendations anywhere on any page without engaging your developers. Changes to location, type, size, and layout can be executed in a matter of minutes without a single line of code.


Easy Implementation

Changing or implementing product recommendation solutions shouldn’t be hard.
Our implementation model ensures you’ll have one task, while we do the rest.

Customer Task

SiteSpect Task

Set Up Product Feed

User Behavior Tracking

Recommendation Setup

  • Set up product feed
  • Set up behavior tracking
  • Ingest product feed
  • Provide product recommendation strategy
  • Build product recommendation templates
  • Build product recommendation A/B campaigns
  • Build success metrics
  • Report/consult on campaign success

Finally, Sensible Pricing!

Tired of being gouged by traditional product recommendations providers? You no longer have to be held hostage by the likes of Certona, RichRelevance, Dynamic Yield, and others. Get the revenue benefits of a product recommendations platform that uses next-generation AI, without the unreasonable cost burden.

See And A/B Test It All

When it comes to ROI, conversion, and other stats, traditional product recommendation solutions are a “black box.” You may get selective reporting, but not the full story, nor the ability to A/B test, iterate, and improve upon the product recommendations you present. With SiteSpect, any product recommendations change or addition can be turned into an A/B test with the click of a button. Look, feel, placement, size, location, ROI, you name it — all optimizable.


Product Recommendations That Convert

Mix and match numerous product recommendation types, boosting and filtering rules, and place product recommendations any place on any page, anywhere in the conversion flow. SiteSpect uses next-generation machine learning. This ensures high quality, targeted product recommendations based on primary and secondary user behavior tracking.


  • Personalized
  • Most recent
  • Trending
  • Popular
  • Complementary
  • Bought together
  • Similar products
  • People who bought, also bought
  • Custom: bring your own algorithm


  • Product pages
  • Category pages
  • Search results
  • Shopping cart
  • Landing pages
  • Home page
  • Registration pages
  • Checkout pages
  • Add to cart modal
  • Emails
  • Wishlists
  • Favorites
  • Registry
  • Custom locations

Tracked Behavior

  • Purchases
  • Product detail page view
  • Product detail quickview
  • Category page view
  • Search terms
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Rating
  • Historical data to “prime the pump”
  • 1st/3rd party offline data
  • Custom attributes: Geo, Channel, Device, Digital Touchpoints, Customer Type

Set Your Own Rules

  • Adjust weighting for any criteria
  • Boost or exclude based on business rules
  • Filter by any criteria (brand, inventory, margin, etc.)
  • Target product recommendations when customers are most likely to add to their order.
Filter and boost by any criteria:
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