Ellen Julian

A/B and multivariate testing can tell marketers what's working and what’s not working on a website. Testing can also help mitigate the risk of rolling out new features.
The Digital Products Group at Hearst (publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle) experimented with navigation and search on the SF Gate site and measured how visitors engaged with content.   In addition, they conducted tests to try to understand what content and features users prefer and don’t prefer. Testing led Hearst to develop a more visual site, optimized for a wider range of devices, allowing readers to more easily discover, engage with, and share content.
Testing also lead to significantly faster loading pages, videos, and images. Now it’s easier and faster for SF Gate’s visitors to find great content. 
Learn more about how Hearst used SiteSpect's A/B and multivariate testing platform to introduce a better user experience and increase click-through rates.


Tags: Site Speed Best Practices A/B & Multivariate Testing

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