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Why Speed Matters“If everything seems to be in control, you're not going fast enough.” - Mario Andretti, champion racing car driver

I recently returned from a trip to Italy where the speed limit on the Autostrada (Italy’s main highway system) is 130 km/h, the equivalent of 80 miles an hour. After just a few harrowing miles I learned that driving faster is a matter of survival in Italy: if you don’t go fast, you risk being driven off the road by other drivers. I now understand why Italians created the Ferrari and Lamborghini: they have a serious need for speed!

Speed = Success

If you’re in charge of delivering measurable wins for your website, you also understand the importance of speed. Numerous studies have shown that there’s a correlation between speed and success of websites in terms of both revenue and usage. Consider this data:

Fortunately, testing and analytics help you to continually improve your site performance. Within six months of deploying SiteSpect, Intuit Payroll accelerated its page load times by 35%, a very significant improvement.

Don’t let your competitors drive you off the road. Check out these 5 key techniques for turbo charging your web and mobile site speed.

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