Industry reports indicate that mobile devices – mainly smartphones and tablets – now account for the majority of global Internet traffic1. More than ever before, companies are reaching these consumers by developing mobile websites and native apps. Mobile is everywhere and it’s here to stay.

At SiteSpect, we believe you must test and optimize every part of the customer experience, and mobile is no exception. We offer a complete solution to optimize your mobile presence built with any technology, including native apps, responsive design, and single page apps.

If your mobile strategy includes a native app, the SiteSpect Mobile: iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) enables you to leverage a broad set of testing and targeting capabilities. The SDK enables testing and optimization on native mobile and tablet applications, allowing you to increase conversions, engagement, and revenue from your native apps. If your app is a combination of both native and web elements, SiteSpect supports that, too.

Create and Preview Tests From Mobile Devices

Once deployed, a SiteSpect user can create new tests, edit objects, and capture user metrics in a visual editor on the mobile device itself. The visual editor also runs on the Xcode simulator and every change or metric can be previewed and validated on the actual device.

The SDK allows you to push changes to your app without requiring an update or resubmission to the App Store for approval. Even if your user has closed the app or the device has lost connectivity, the user’s test experience will persist. The SDK also allows you to swap out native images even after a user has opened the app.

The SDK also supports testing app functionality, software code changes, and tracking advanced user behavior for more complex scenarios. For reporting and analysis, the SDK feeds into SiteSpect’s robust web-based analytics tool, and can also be easily integrated with any third-party analytics solution.

Leverage SiteSpect to Target App Users

You can run multiple tests at the same time and leverage SiteSpect’s powerful targeting capabilities. You can target individual app users based on key attributes, including:

  • Behavior
  • Usage frequency
  • Device type
  • Referral source
  • and more

All test campaigns can be centrally managed using the SiteSpect web-based Control Panel. From a single interface, you can monitor tests for your iOS apps as well as your desktop and mobile websites. As with any other test in SiteSpect, if a winning variation emerges during testing, you can automatically and immediately promote the winner to all app users.