Boston MA November 4, 2014

Boston, MA, November 4, 2014 -- SiteSpect, the leading provider of testing and optimization solutions, announced today that it has released a major expansion to its APIs, which extend the functionality of its platform. The APIs enable automated optimization and broad programmatic control over SiteSpect, helping customers accelerate the velocity of their testing program as well as mitigate risk in releasing new features that affect the digital user experience.

Just as the rest of today’s modern marketing organization has taken advantage of programmatic approaches in advertising, this approach also benefits professionals tasked with expanding their organization’s testing program. Today’s optimizers are currently challenged in increasing the volume of testing to hundreds, if not thousands, of tests per year in order to drive new opportunities to increase conversion rates. For these users, the SiteSpect APIs will enable automation of many aspects of the testing process, freeing up additional time to execute on their testing strategy.

For product managers and developers, SiteSpect's APIs quantify ROI while also mitigating risk when releasing new site and mobile features by integrating testing into the development process such that every change can be tested as it is released.

Use Cases

The SiteSpect APIs can be used in many ways, including the automation of:

  • Test campaign creation, execution, and customization
  • Winner promotion and ratcheting up to 100% of traffic
  • Integration with CMS
  • Importation of external data for targeting and personalization
  • Integration of offline and third-party data
  • Scheduled and customized reporting
  • Exportation of SiteSpect test data
  • Integration with third-party reporting and analytics systems

“The breadth of the SiteSpect APIs is unmatched in the optimization industry today,” said Eric J. Hansen, Founder and CEO of SiteSpect. “By further automating and integrating the testing process, SiteSpect enables customers to extend their testing programs across the enterprise, enabling them to focus on what matters: strategic opportunities to drive additional revenue while simultaneously mitigating risk.”

There is no additional cost to use the SiteSpect APIs, which can be accessed within a customer’s SiteSpect instance.

Because SiteSpect isn’t hindered by the limitations of Javascript tags, customers can test and optimize not only content, but also features and functionality across multiple channels, including websites, mobile sites, and native mobile apps. SiteSpect enables new conversion opportunities in places which brands have never been able to test at scale, such as site search, pricing and shipping, check-out flow, new features, and whole site releases. Customers can also target, segment, and personalize the digital user experience without slowing down their site or introducing flicker effects as tag-based tools do. SiteSpect’s comprehensive approach to optimization enables customers to run hundreds, if not thousands, of tests each year, at no additional cost.

About SiteSpect

SiteSpect provides the world’s most comprehensive optimization platform, enabling the world’s largest and most successful online businesses to significantly improve conversion rates and revenue. SiteSpect’s offerings include A/B testing, multivariate testing, targeting and personalization, mobile optimization and site speed solutions. SiteSpect’s patented technology and professional services are used by companies such as Wal-Mart, Staples, Target, Urban Outfitters, ASOS,, and leading financial services companies. For more information, visit or call 617-859-1900.

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