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The educational institution wanted to update the customer experience of some key pages to minimize risks and optimize revenue impact.


SiteSpect’s comprehensive digital optimization platform enabled the educational institution to test and control the release of their new mobile submission page for prospective students who wanted more information – a key engagement step in the institution’s acquisition process.


  • 2.3 % increase in conversion rate
  • $1.2M increase incremental revenue


The educational institution had been successfully using SiteSpect’s A/B and multivariate testing when they were asked to address a new business concern: generating more prospective students to submit requests for information. The educational institution team decided to utilized SiteSpect to A/B test user experience mobile designs to see which one would drive more submissions. The team ran the test for a little more than 30 days, with a 50/50 traffic split, and was able to ascertain which option was the best. Upon release of the winning design, there has been a clear impact to the overall mobile conversion rate.

Benefits experienced from sitespect include

  • Optimized and tested mobile user experience quickly and seamlessly
  • Drove improved conversion rate
  • Mitigated risk by testing for optimal impact first


To drive optimal user experience and business outcomes, this world-class educational institution turned to testing. By utilizing a statistically significant test, the educational institution was able to decisively achieve the success. it looks to how it works. In fact, SiteSpect clients can test everything – front-end usability, back-end functionality, dynamic content, mobile web, and native mobile apps – and target anyone, all in one solution.


A private, nonprofit, accredited educational institution with more than 60,000 online students, making it one of the fastest-growing universities in the country.

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