2015: Making Things Personal

Lisa Frank

This week, the SiteSpect team is in Philadelphia at the Digital Summit. The event is underway with over 5,000 registered attendees and 280 exhibitors. 

The Role of Mobile Devices in Researching Travel Options

Lisa Frank

An increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices to research travel options. They may research and book a trip using only a mobile device. This post shares some practical ways you can use tests to optimize your mobile presence.

Quote from Sam Peterson

“After analyzing and experiencing other multivariate testing products in the marketplace, we concluded that SiteSpect's versatility was unequalled.”

George Loannou

“Partnering with SiteSpect is a very exciting opportunity for us, as we are constantly looking at adding value to our client's online businesses, which SiteSpect does in abundance. We will be helping retailers in the UK optimize their conversion goals with the great functionality that SiteSpect provides."

SiteSpect President Eric Hansen to Present at Online Market World 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007 Press Release

Eric J. Hansen, president, SiteSpect, Inc. (, the leading provider of non-intrusive Web site testing and optimization solutions will participate in an expert panel at Online Market World 2007 entitled: "Improving Commerce Site Effectiveness Through Analytics and Multivariate Testing" on Thursday, October 4 at 11:15 a.m.

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