November 4, 2014

Leading digital optimization platform, SiteSpect, announced today that it has extended the functionality of its platform with the release of major expansion to its APIs. These developments mean that users will now be able to automate the optimization and broad programmatic control over SiteSpect, thereby speeding up the testing process as well as cutting out some of the risks involved.

SiteSpect provides an optimization platform that allows users to optimise every part of their website, testing everything and targeting specific customers, resulting in better conversion rates, and ultimately, revenue. Due to the fact that the platform does not require Javascript tags to be implemented for testing, it provides an effective solution for testing features and functionality across various channels including websites, mobile sites and native mobile apps. Utilising SiteSpect's new generation APIs, users will not only be able to do all of the above, but they will now also be able to automate a lot of the testing process, enabling them to increase the volume of tests substantially while freeing up valuable time to focus on strategy.

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