April 24, 2015

When Build.com started hitting the point of diminishing return with its old testing solution, the home improvement retailer knew it was time to start taking new testing platforms for a virtual spin.

After conducting thorough research and participating in multiple product demonstrations, Build.com chose SiteSpect for its testing and optimization needs. According to Build.com Director of Business Development Marshal Downey, SiteSpect was chosen not only because the company offers powerful testing tools, but also because it gave Build.com the ability to customize their tests.

“We thought it was super innovative and different,” said Downey. “Like here is the entire herd of testing vendors going right, and then SiteSpect is going left.”

Since choosing SiteSpect, Build.com has leveraged the company’s A/B and multivariate testing technology to optimize content, imagery, navigation, layout and more. SiteSpect enables Build.com to run large-scale and complex experiments, such as on site search, pricing and shipping, check-out flow, new features and whole site releases. Build.com’s on site search test, for example, enabled the company to test a search algorithm that weighs highly-profitable products higher.

“When your business model depends on delivering a superior shopping experience, you need to know what experiences your customers prefer,” said Eric J. Hansen, founder and CEO of SiteSpect. “With SiteSpect’s optimization platform, customers like Build.com can make intelligent decisions about evolving their digital customer experience to drive increased revenue.”

In addition to the complex tests Build.com is able to conduct, it is important to note that SiteSpect’s tests are frictionless, which means that Build.com can implement tests without interrupting the user experience.

“By testing with SiteSpect, we can be certain that we are delivering the best experiences that delight our customers, from commercial builders to property owners,” said Downey. “SiteSpect enables us to test, target and optimize everything on our site, giving us an edge in the online home improvement space.”

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Website Magazine. You can read the original version here.