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Your Path to Enhanced User Experiences Through Server-Side Testing

By Paul Bernier · February 20, 2024

Explore the nuances, benefits, and implementation strategies of server-side testing with our comprehensive guide.

Announcing the SiteSpect Partner Program

By Paul Bernier · February 6, 2024

The SiteSpect Partner Program is designed to educate and enable the delivery of world-class services to grow the bottom line for our mutual clients.

Healthcare Optimization: How to Improve App Engagement with A/B Testing

By Paul Bernier · January 31, 2024

Explore healthcare optimization strategies for your next app campaigns by using a reliable A/B testing solution.

Key Insights From the 2023 OTT Executive Summit

By SiteSpect Marketing · January 23, 2024

The SiteSpect team recently attended the 2023 OTT Executive Summit and brought back some key insights.

Top 5 A/B Testing & Experimentation Predictions for 2024

By Paul Bernier · January 17, 2024

It’s that time of the year when we ask: “What’s next for A/B testing and experimentation?”  2023 was a great year for the A/B testing market overall, with 77% of…

Conversion Rate Optimization: A Guide to A/B Testing for Media & Entertainment Organizations

By Paul Bernier · December 20, 2023

Your conversion rate is more than a simple metric—it’s one of the most crucial elements for media and entertainment organizations to keep an eye on. With 40% of A/B testers…

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