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The Essentials of Hybrid Experimentation

By Paul Bernier · June 10, 2024

When running experimentation programs, most organizations start with client-side tests to experiment with the most common use cases, such as graphics, design scheme, and CTA copy and placement (as many…

4 Key Ways Your CRO Team Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

By SiteSpect Marketing · June 5, 2024

Whether you have a dedicated CRO team or rely on developers, product owners, and marketers to improve user experience and conversion rates, you probably already understand the potential of A/B…

How to Use A/B Testing to Identify Areas of Low Engagement in Your Streaming Media App

By Paul Bernier · May 29, 2024

With any mobile app, user retention poses a major challenge—so your organization might be wondering how to use A/B testing most effectively to provide a more engaging user experience. Companies…

How to Improve Your Patient Portal Experience with A/B Testing

By SiteSpect Marketing · May 14, 2024

We’ve come a long way technologically from the handwritten appointment cards once commonly used in healthcare settings. While patients today can probably still get one, depending on the practice, online…

Secure A/B Testing Frameworks: What You Need to Know

By Paul Bernier · April 25, 2024

Due to its popularity in the financial services sector, your organization likely already offers some form of online self-service. While it has become a go-to choice for customers, many organizations…

SiteSpect Named in Forrester’s Feature Management and Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024

By SiteSpect Marketing · April 22, 2024

As we kick off the next quarter of the year, we’re excited to share that SiteSpect has been included in Forrester’s Feature Management and Experimentation Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024. This…

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