Web Analytics Wednesday Donates to Operation USA

December 9, 2014

Global event sponsors Coremetrics, SiteSpect, and Web Analytics Demystified collectively donate $4,500

The global sponsors of Web Analytics Wednesday, the largest social network of analytics professionals focusing on Internet and mobile web marketing efforts, have made a donation of $4,500 to Operation USA on behalf of network members worldwide. The donation was made equally by Coremetrics, the leading provider of online marketing and business optimization solutions, SiteSpect, the leading provider of non-intrusive multivariate testing and behavioral targeting technology, and Web Analytics Demystified, the world’s most recognized and respected web analytics consulting group.

“I am incredibly proud to know that Joe Davis, CEO of Coremetrics, and Eric Hansen, CEO of SiteSpect, share my belief that supporting charities, especially in such difficult times, is one of the greatest things we can do,” said Eric T. Peterson, CEO of Web Analytics Demystified. “The Web Analytics Wednesday network has 4,500 members worldwide, and this donation of one dollar per member will in some small way support Operation USA’s ongoing efforts to provide relief, reconstruction, and development aid.”

“SiteSpect is pleased to support Operation USA as a global sponsor of Web Analytics Wednesday,” said Eric J. Hansen, founder and CEO of SiteSpect. “While the Internet has proven to be recession-resistant, there are many people who are in need of a helping hand in an increasingly fragile world economy. We’re happy to lend our support to an excellent organization that is providing relief in difficult times.”

Founded in 1979, Operation USA helps communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty throughout the world by providing material and financial assistance to grassroots organizations that promote sustainable development, leadership and capacity building, income generating activities, provide education and health services, and advocate on behalf of vulnerable people. Operation USA specializes in reaching vulnerable populations who are in the greatest need, yet who are often ignored by governments and larger aid organizations.

“I hope this donation serves as a reminder that we can all choose to make a difference in our communities and abroad,” said Joe Davis, CEO of Coremetrics. “Coremetrics employees and I are proud to stand with SiteSpect and Web Analytics Demystified to support Operation USA’s efforts to reduce suffering in the world.”

All digital analytics professionals are welcome to host or attend Web Analytics Wednesday events. Find out more at http://www.webanalyticsdemystified.com/wednesday/

About Web Analytics Wednesday

Web Analytics Wednesday was founded in 2005 by Eric T. Peterson and June Dershewitz to provide local networking opportunities for digital analytics professionals around the world. Events are regularly held in San Francisco, Boston, New York, Chicago, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Beijing, Sydney, Seattle, Copenhagen, Dallas, Toronto, and Bangalore, India. More information about Web Analytics Wednesday can be found at http://www.webanalyticsdemystified.com/wednesday/

About Coremetrics

Coremetrics is the leading provider of online marketing and business optimization solutions. Its products help businesses increase revenues and find and retain their most profitable customers by maximizing every online interaction. More than 1,500 online business sites globally, transacting more than $15 billion this year, use Coremetrics’ Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize their online marketing. Coremetrics’ solutions encompass advanced online analytics and integrated precision marketing applications, including search engine bid management, email targeting and cross sell recommendations to acquire customers more cost effectively, increase conversion rates, and increase lifetime customer value. Coremetrics is consistently recognized by industry analysts and thought leaders, and in 2008 was named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Program for Silicon Valley Internet, Media, Entertainment and Communications companies. The company is privately held with funding from 3i, Accel Partners, FTVentures and Highland Capital Partners, and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

To learn more about Coremetrics, visit http://www.coremetrics.com or call 877-721-2673.

About SiteSpect

SiteSpect enables web marketers to optimize website and mobile web effectiveness through multivariate testing and behavioral targeting. By testing variations of landing pages, product descriptions, search results, and buy-flows, SiteSpect allows marketers to fine-tune every aspect of their website on a segment-by-segment basis. As the first and only non-intrusive solution available, SiteSpect empowers marketers to optimize their sites without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect’s patent-pending technology is used by some of the world’s largest and most successful online businesses, including Cabela’s, iProspect, Overstock.com, ShopNBC, and VEGAS.com. For more information, visit www.SiteSpect.com or call 617-859-1900.

About Web Analytics Demystified

Web Analytics Demystified, founded in 2007 by former JupiterResearch analyst Eric T. Peterson and author of O’Reilly & Associates Web Site Measurement Hacks, provides objective guidance to companies working to maximize the return on investment from web analytics. Web Analytics Demystified provides highly customized web analytics consulting to companies of all sizes working with technology like Omniture, WebTrends, Coremetrics, Unica, Nedstat, and Google Analytics. Consulting engagements focus on technology selection, analytics process, staffing and resource allocation, and the use of key performance indicators.

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