UK Agency Digital & Wise Partners with Web Optimization Provider SiteSpect to Maximize Clients’ Online Marketing Initiatives

December 9, 2014

Partnership Will Help eCommerce Companies in the UK Unleash the Power of their Websites

SiteSpect, Inc., announced today it has partnered with full-service agency Digital & Wise to provide SiteSpect’s industry-leading non-intrusive multivariate testing and behavioral targeting technology to its clients. Digital & Wise has already signed up Speedo International Ltd, the world’s leading swimwear brand, to improve the operability of its UK website,, using SiteSpect’s unique multivariate testing technology.

“We’re pleased to partner with Digital & Wise, which is well-known for its world-class online marketing services,” said Eric J. Hansen, Founder and CEO of SiteSpect. “By adding SiteSpect’s testing, targeting, and personalization solutions to its array of services, Digital & Wise can now deliver the conversion optimization strategies that its clients are seeking.”

“Partnering with SiteSpect is a very exciting opportunity for us, as we are constantly looking at adding value to our client’s online businesses, which SiteSpect does in abundance. We will be helping retailers in the UK optimize their conversion goals with the great functionality that SiteSpect provides,” said George Ioannou, Head of Agency, Digital & Wise. “Our vast experience in the eCommerce industry and knowledge of best practices in online retailing, combined with SiteSpect’s ability to be implemented on any platform, makes this a partnership like no other in the marketplace.”

Digital & Wise will be using SiteSpect to simplify the entire process of running targeted A/B and multivariate tests. With SiteSpect, Digital & Wise will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily determine what content will have the greatest impact on a visitor’s behavior.
  • Determine the best ways to effectively influence and persuade visitors to take the desired actions.
  • Make confident, quantitatively backed decisions about optimizing its clients’ sites based on actionable reports and analysis.
  • Quickly identify the right place to get started and develop an incremental testing, targeting and personalization strategy to maximize short-term and long-term value.

SiteSpect’s unique patent-pending technology allows the world’s most successful online businesses and agencies to create tests and optimize conversions without page tagging, JavaScript, or site content changes. SiteSpect can test content variations on pages that are formatted using virtually any mark-up language (e.g. HTML, WML, XML), stylesheets (CSS), or scripting languages (e.g. JavaScript). Within those pages, SiteSpect can test variations of virtually any type of content, whether it is static and/or dynamic, including audio and video files as well as web-based applications. SiteSpect’s technology is 100 percent turnkey, sparing marketers the implementation and maintenance headaches of competing solutions.

About Digital & Wise

Digital & Wise, part of Maginus, the UK leader in multi-channel and eCommerce, offers a full suite of creative and online marketing services to deliver improved web usability increase traffic and conversion rates which all help to deliver increased web revenue. The services include eCommerce design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and conversion optimization services such as user experience testing (UX) & Multivariate Testing (MVT).

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect provides the world’s only non-intrusive optimization platform, enabling web and mobile marketers to significantly improve key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement. SiteSpect’s solutions include rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization. With SiteSpect, marketers enjoy unmatched speed and flexibility without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect’s patent-pending technology and professional services are used by many of the world’s leading online businesses, such as Wal-Mart, Staples, Mozilla, JCPenney, MTV, ASOS,,, and leading financial services companies. For more information, visit or call 617-859-1900.