Travelers Want New Summer Adventures: How Travel Companies Can Entice With Tailored Digital Experiences

April 5, 2018

Recent research indicates that almost “a third of global travelers are comfortable letting a computer plan an upcoming trip based on historical data.” This insight suggests that travel brands now have even more to gain from leverage CX data to effectively predict and suggest travel packages to customers. CTO and Founder of SiteSpect Eric Hansen offers his analysis of how travel brands can optimize from this finding.

Digital design and placement

By optimizing website design per individual user needs, travel sites can take their click-rate to the next level. Specifically, companies must pinpoint how digital designs — or the overall format of a website or mobile app — impact browsers (and convert them into buyers). Design plays a major role in personalization, and a streamlined website design is critical to improved user engagement and gaining traveler trust.

To understand this level of CX, travel companies must track how different digital designs have historically resonated with certain users. Travel sites can then implement small, similar features into their desktop, mobile and tablet site designs, sparking an initial interest in the user. Equipped with this added layer of customer information, travel companies can go beyond simply optimizing content for general display, and start creating entirely personalized experiences to meet individual travelers’ needs.


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