The New-Age Home

December 8, 2014

Founded in 2000, A Place for Mom is the nation’s largest service for elder-care referrals. “We help families find all sorts of elderly-care solutions for their loved ones—nursing homes, assisted living, home care,” says Ben Villa, the service’s senior product manager. “We advertise all over the Web, on search, email, and basically we need to generate leads by means of people filling out our online form.”

That online form would appear via a rather generic landing page, which is what A Place for Mom would serve up to those who clicked on any of its ads and search results—regardless of whether those potential customers had searched for “assisted living” or “nursing home.” “It was a one-size-fits-all form,” says Villa. “There was no customization to it.” Visitors would sometimes fail to become leads because the site was insufficiently specific to their needs.

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