TechBytes with Eric J. Hansen, Chief Technology Officer, SiteSpect

April 6, 2018

Optimization tactics and goals vary from one organization to another. In this series MarTech’s Sudipta Ghosh spoke with Eric Hansen, SiteSpect founder and CTO, about how to get the most of an optimization and personalization strategy.

On the Core Tenets of SiteSpects Personalization and Omnichannel Marketing Solutions

Today’s consumers expect more than just a good digital experience – they expect every campaign, webpage, interface and recommendation to be tailored to their specific needs and interests. Through data-driven testing and targeting tactics, brands can ensure they’re delivering a true omnichannel experience with a dedicated focus on personalization. The core tenets of our omnichannel solution include segment discovery, targeted experiments, and personalized experiences:

  • Understanding target audiences. The first step is discovering key audiences and separating them by behavioral and contextual attributes. Our technology allows businesses to dig into their customer data across all digital properties to examine trend lines across audiences, rank them by significance, and start to formulate a strategy for experimentation.
  • Deploying experiments for deeper insight. Building off the audiences identified, the next step is targeting experiments. The objective here is to learn how a specific campaign or digital feature will impact CX for individual customers – making incremental changes to continuously test and improve the user experience to meet their needs.
  • Delivering highly-personalized experiences. The end-goal, of course, is to understand what influences (and converts) customers, and creating a tailored digital experience to align. Analyzing everything from behavioral data, to device or operating system preferences, and even geolocation, brands can gain a holistic look at their customers and put this insight into action.

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