SiteSpect Pioneers Web Performance Optimization Leveraging Multivariate Testing and Behavioral Targeting

December 8, 2014

SiteSpect AMPS Improves User Experience on Web and Mobile Sites by Automatically Reducing Page Load Times by 50-70%

SiteSpect, Inc., the leading provider of non-intrusive site optimization technology, today announced a new offering called AMPS™, representing the world’s first and only web and mobile performance optimization solution that leverages the power of multivariate testing and behavioral targeting. AMPS, which stands for Automated Multivariate Performance (Optimization) Solution, speeds up site performance and measurably improves both the end-user experience and web marketers’ key metrics such as conversion rates and engagement.

Using its non-intrusive platform, SiteSpect AMPS accelerates the delivery and rendering of both web and mobile content through a variety of on-the-fly speed optimization techniques. The result is a faster, “snappier” user experience that requires no coding, no software installation, and no site modification. In recent customer deployments, SiteSpect AMPS decreased page load times by as much as 50-70%, translating into significant improvements across a variety of key marketing metrics.

Recent studies published by, Google, Microsoft, and others have shown that faster web sites not only improve the user experience but also greatly improve web marketing metrics in the form of increased conversion rates, higher average order values, and better site stickiness. Additionally, major search engine crawlers are now evaluating site speed in their ranking algorithms, leading to faster sites appearing higher in search results.

SiteSpect AMPS allows web and mobile site operators to automatically and non-intrusively optimize their site’s speed. This is achieved through built-in acceleration functionality deployed through SiteSpect’s powerful multivariate testing and behavioral targeting engine. Any type of site can be optimized, including those built for e-commerce, publishing, and social media; intranets; extranets; and even mobile-specific WAP sites. Unlike conventional CDNs (content delivery networks) and performance devices, SiteSpect AMPS proves its effects by measuring not only speed but also specific KPIs (key performance indicators) that are important to web marketers, including bounce rate, conversion rate, average order value, abandonment, and compound metrics that look at multiple behaviors both within and across visits.

SiteSpect AMPS is the world’s first performance solution that leverages multivariate testing and analysis, enabling it to determine causal relationships between individual acceleration techniques and the end-user experience. Once implemented, higher-performing techniques are automatically applied on live traffic, while underperformers (so-called “riskier” optimizations) are pruned out. SiteSpect’s industry-leading behavioral targeting capability enables AMPS to tailor the blend of performance optimizations based on user profile (e.g. new vs. repeat visit), browser type, and a broad array of mobile device targeting capabilities that include browser type and mobile network speed.

“AMPS is the latest advancement to SiteSpect’s non-intrusive optimization platform, which itself has been proven at hundreds of the world’s best-known sites since 2004,” said Eric J. Hansen, Founder and CEO of SiteSpect. “Through our work with web marketers and analysts over the years, we have gained a deep understanding of the relationship between site speed and user behavior, and we’re excited to offer a productized solution to help site operators gain further competitive advantage in this new arena.”

“Web site speed is increasingly on the minds of web marketers and analysts as they turn over every stone looking for competitive advantage,” said Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified, a well-known digital measurement consulting firm. “As a recognized leader in the multivariate testing and behavioral targeting space, SiteSpect is well-positioned for extending their non-intrusive platform with this new solution. SiteSpect AMPS gives clients the ability to compete not only on content but now on speed – and ultimately deliver a better, more profitable user experience.”

Technical Product Features for SiteSpect AMPS

The SiteSpect AMPS solution bundles technical capabilities with professional services to deploy and manage the optimization configuration. These technical capabilities include:

  • On-Page Optimization — reduces the size of CSS and JavaScript files, combines scripts, and reorders elements for optimal processing and rendering.
  • Cache Optimization — adjusts content cache settings to reduce network overhead, thereby decreasing page load time while simultaneously increasing web server capacity.
  • Dynamic Parallelization — optimizes the browser’s ability to retrieve content by increasing parallelism, without requiring any change to the server or browser.
  • Network Optimization — SiteSpect’s global private cloud utilizes real-time network measurements to determine fastest paths from any end-user location.
  • Cloud Delivery — SiteSpect’s built-in cache positions content closer to the end user for reduced latency when delivering static content.
  • Modular Architecture — allows clients to test, measure the impact of, and deploy third-party performance solutions such as CDNs and open-source tools such as Steve Souders’ ControlJS.

SiteSpect AMPS is available as either as either SiteSpect Enterprise or SiteSpect Cloud, and both versions integrate seamlessly with SiteSpect’s content testing and targeting solutions.

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect provides the industry’s only non-intrusive multivariate testing and behavioral targeting solution, enabling web marketers to optimize their websites across any browser, including any mobile device. With SiteSpect, marketers enjoy unsurpassed speed and flexibility for optimizing all aspects of their site, without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect’s patent-pending technology and professional services are used by some of the world’s leading online businesses, including Wal-Mart, Staples, Mozilla, Newegg, JCPenney, MTV, Cabela’s,,, iStockphoto, and Unitrin Insurance. For more information, visit or call 617-859-1900.