SiteSpect Launches New and Expanded Portfolio of Client and Server-side Customer Experience (CX) Optimization Solutions

August 1, 2017

SiteSpect, the leader in the advancement of digital optimization and a pioneer in A/B and multivariate testing and personalization, announced today that it has launched several new solutions, including a Startup package, Single Page Application (SPA) package, Server-side package and an Enterprise-wide package.

With the accelerated adoption of digital business optimization, where enhancing customer experience is an imperative not an option, SiteSpect has launched a variety of new packages that fit the needs of all customer experience and optimization professionals. All solutions developed and patented by SiteSpect allow for seamless use and centralized management for all optimization of customer engagement, conversion rates and customer loyalty.

“The packages we released today will allow digital businesses to easily embrace optimization strategies that impact customer experience faster at any step along their CX continuum, whether they are just beginning or are well into an enterprise spanning program,” said Patrick Romich, SiteSpect CEO. “Companies with broad-based CX needs or for specialized needs, will find a solution in the SiteSpect portfolio.”

The new SiteSpect packages released today include:

Startup Package – For digital companies who are fast-tracking their CX optimization journeys, SiteSpect’s quick Startup Package comes complete with a dedicated optimization expert to guide customers to quick ROI by enhancing customer engagement and lifting conversion.

Single Page Application (SPA) Package – For digital companies who need to optimize their SPA capability for overall performance, SiteSpect’s SPA package offers complete integration with React, Angular and other popular frameworks. SPA enhancements increase overall customer engagement and lead to conversion lift and higher ROI.

Server-side Package – For digital companies focused on the rollout of new features and products to targeted segments with speed and accuracy, and full stack optimization, SiteSpect’s Server-side package includes all server-side testing and integration required to return immediate results including conversion lift and customer loyalty.

Client & Server-side Package – For digital companies focused on complete “front- to-back” CX optimization and online testing with centralized management, SiteSpect’s Client and Server-side package is a complete solution for those ready to embrace optimization for the enterprise. This complete offering increases the overall impact to the customer experience by applying optimization to all aspects of development, product release and marketing processes.

SiteSpect’s world-class Consulting and Implementation Services are available and ready to ensure your CX optimization journey is successful as your digital business grows. SiteSpect’s acknowledged expertise in the area of customer optimization and A/B and multivariate testing ranges from the simple strategies to sophisticated enterprise-wide optimization methodology.

Come experience the new value-driven packages and improved capabilities and with SiteSpect’s Customer Experience Optimization solutions. Whether you are new to optimization or are an existing customer, see what SiteSpect has added to its comprehensive portfolio to help meet your optimization needs. Learn more…

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect is leading the advancement of customer experience management that optimizes across an omnichannel environment, utilizing personalization, A/B and multivariate testing and real time analytics that empower the world’s most successful digital businesses. Only the SiteSpect customer experience solution enables customers to optimize the entire user experience, from front-end (client side) look and feel to back-end functionality (server side) while centrally managing across channels, product lines and business units. Visit to see how top companies such as Sam’s Club, Esurance, Eddie Bauer, Urban Outfitters Staples have leveraged SiteSpect’s patented technology and expertise to grow their digital businesses.