SiteSpect Bolsters Optimization with Experimentation, Targeted Rollouts Solution

January 28, 2021

Today, SiteSpect enhances its suite of world-class optimization and personalization solutions, launching SiteSpect Rollouts. This offering provides value across the customer experience product lifecycle, focusing on specific areas of release management and feature flag testing.

“SiteSpect Rollouts enables teams to easily use data to launch the products that customers want,” says SiteSpect CEO Patrick Romich. “Rollouts allows organizations to easily iterate and test changes without having to apply tons of labor, cost, and permanence to that effort.”

Available as a cloud-based service, the SiteSpect Rollouts solution allows clients to make fast, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics and reports. Stakeholders can quickly analyze and understand relevant features, releases, and their impact, keeping their teams informed and collaborating.

“With SiteSpect’s unique and patented architecture, you can roll out and test full releases, infrastructure components, app frameworks, and individual services,” states SiteSpect VP of Product, Justin Bougher. “Confidence is knowing that the feature or release you’re building has already been proven to work and that you can easily roll back any change you make.”

Bougher adds, “SiteSpect Rollouts enables you to target granular audiences and show any number of software, feature, infrastructure, and other experience variations, while testing, monitoring, controlling, and reporting on their impact.”

Companies that wish to schedule a demonstration or want additional information can visit or contact a SiteSpect representative by emailing