SiteSpect Announces First-of-its-Kind Solution That Optimizes How a Site Works, Not Just How It Looks

December 9, 2014

SiteSpect Origin Experiments® enables product teams to test and optimize the features and functionality of their web and mobile sites

SiteSpect Origin Experiments® enables product teams to test and optimize the features and functionality of their web and mobile sites

SiteSpect, the leading provider of non-intrusive optimization solutions, today announced that it has released a new solution called Origin Experiments. Unlike any other optimization solution on the market today, Origin Experiments enables the testing, optimization, and implementation of application changes that lead to quantifiable improvements in how a web or mobile site works, not just how it looks.

For today’s complex sites, such as e-commerce sites, optimizing the user experience is no longer just about testing headlines, marketing copy, and hero shots. Under the site’s UI layer exists its features, functionality, algorithms, and infrastructure components, all of which provide the foundation for optimizing the user experience. These components can now be tested and optimized using SiteSpect Origin Experiments.

Origin Experiments can be used to execute a broad array of new kinds of experiments, including the testing and optimization of:

  • New Feature Releases in order to assess their impact in real-time. This additional customer insight can help companies iterate on features and deliver site enhancements more quickly.
  • Feature Segmentation. This allows companies to present different features to different audiences (for example, based on customer value, device, geography, or new vs. existing customers, among others) to optimize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as conversion rates.
  • Search Algorithms to make head-to-head comparisons of the effectiveness of different versions of search algorithms, or multiple search vendor software solutions, to enhance the user’s on-site search experience.
  • Pricing Experiments. For example, companies can use Origin Experiments to test their “free shipping” threshold or test different price promotions to distinct sets of users.
  • Complete Site Redesigns to enable the testing of radical changes to a site experience, targeted to specific users.
  • Checkout Flow and Functionality. Companies can optimize their checkout flow through experimentation with Origin Experiments. For example, to test the impact of making a 5-step checkout process only 3 steps for logged-in users, Origin Experiments can route logged-in users directly to the 3-step checkout and quantify the impact.
  • Any backend functionality or database content versus a different set of functionality or content.

“The rapid growth in adoption of agile practices, fueled by increased competition across online brands, has led to a steady increase in the pace of new site releases and other development efforts,” said Eric J. Hansen, Founder and CEO of SiteSpect. “At the same time, the growing focus on measurement and analytics has put increased pressure on product teams to quantify the impact of their efforts, and generally become more sophisticated around their use of user behavior data to guide site improvement. SiteSpect Origin Experiments addresses both these needs by enabling site operators to optimize the features and functionality of their site to quantifiably improve the user experience.”

Origin Experiments is available today to SiteSpect customers at no additional charge.

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