ShopNBC Selects SiteSpect For Online Conversion Optimization

December 8, 2014

SiteSpect’s non-intrusive multivariate testing technology and professional services accelerate site improvement without the need for page tagging or content changes

SiteSpect, Inc., the leader in non-intrusive Web site conversion optimization technology, today announced that ShopNBC has deployed SiteSpect for conducting online multivariate testing to improve its Web site user experience. SiteSpect’s unique patent-pending technology is allowing ShopNBC to create tests and optimize conversions without page tagging, JavaScript or site content changes.

ShopNBC, an integrated direct marketing company, turned to SiteSpect for its ability to provide multivariate testing of dynamic site content and promotions. Since many of ShopNBC’s promotions are coordinated in real-time across channels — Web, television, and direct mail — a solution was needed for rapidly creating tests and analyzing shopper response. SiteSpect’s technology is enabling ShopNBC to optimize conversions without involvement from IT or Web development resources.

Along with deploying SiteSpect’s technology solution, ShopNBC also engaged SiteSpect’s Professional Services Team to implement and manage its online test campaigns. The SiteSpect Professional Services Team works closely with ShopNBC to design effective tests and analyze their results.

“The productivity of the solution has been remarkable,” said Geoff Smith, Vice President of “After working with SiteSpect’s team to define the site elements that we want to test, the tests are ready to go within one or two days. All of this gets done without us needing to tag pages or rework content. The speed and flexibility of the SiteSpect solution are proving to be instrumental in optimizing our Web presence.”

SiteSpect’s multivariate testing process is focused, involving just SiteSpect’s Professional Services Team and ShopNBC’s Internet team. Test ideas are discussed, agreed upon and then SiteSpect sets up the tests and presents them for ShopNBC’s approval. This is a simple process whereby ShopNBC’s personnel can log into the SiteSpect system to preview the tests for accuracy, and then activate the tests themselves with the click of a button.

“I’m pleased with the way our technology and professional services are eliminating much of the inefficiency typically associated with consulting activities”, said Eric Hansen, President of SiteSpect. “In a situation where an outside party has been retained to do the work — in this case us, but this could apply to any agency — SiteSpect’s non-intrusive technology is providing real value to both parties. Since our staff is able to work independent of client IT resources, the whole process is faster and more cost effective for everyone.”

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect enables Web marketers to optimize web site effectiveness through multivariate testing. By testing variations of landing pages, product descriptions, search results and buy-flows, SiteSpect allows marketers to fine-tune every aspect of their Web site to increase profitability. As the first and only non-intrusive solution available, SiteSpect empowers marketers to optimize their sites without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect’s patent-pending technology is used in some of the world’s largest and most successful e-commerce sites. For more information, visit or call 617-859-1900.

About ValueVision

Founded in 1990, ValueVision Media is an integrated direct marketing company that sells general merchandise directly to consumers through television, the Internet, and direct mail. It operates ShopNBC, one of the top three television shopping networks in the United States and companion Web site, an Internet Retailer Top 100 Web site. For more information, please visit,, or www.ShopNBC.TV.