SiteSpect, Inc. Partners with Mango Mammoth to Streamline Functionality with Shopify Headless Framework

March 9, 2022

Shopify customers will be able to leverage a headless implementation and own the customer experience improving their CRO.

Auburndale, MA, Release: March 9, 2022. SiteSpect, Inc. an A/B testing and customer experience optimization platform provider, announces a new partnership with Mango Mammoth to support Shopify customers by offering a headless digital commerce solution.

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets retailers start, grow, and manage a business by hosting an online store. The company offers Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Headless Commerce options for online retailers. However, there are still limitations being seen with the conversion rate optimization due to the secure and simplified nature of the current Shopify Headless Framework development. 

“Until recently, leveraging a sophisticated multi-variant testing technology like SiteSpect was out of reach for users, due to some technical limitations,” said Bill Cunningham, chief revenue officer for SiteSpect. “We are excited to partner with Mango Mammoth and provide Shopify customers with a solution that gives them more control over the customer experience.” 

Shopify customers now have an option to integrate SiteSpect’s customer experience optimization platform with Mango Mammoth’s digital commerce headless framework to take back the customer experience ownership, improving CRO. All while continuing to leverage Shopify’s strengths in inventory, warehousing, orders, and fulfillment.

Mango Mammoth’s headless framework is built with one focus: to be high-performing digital commerce,” said Trent Minneman, CEO. “Our framework has been built to streamline functionality to focus on speed and CRO. Partnering with SiteSpect’s industry-leading experimentation platform addresses the challenges current Shopify customers are experiencing.”

The two companies will work in tandem to assist Shopify customers wishing to use SiteSpect‘s enhanced experimentation and personalization platform and Mango Mammoth’s headless framework integration with Shopify. For more information, email


About SiteSpect, Inc.
SiteSpect is leading the advancement of customer experience optimization solutions for the world’s most successful businesses. Top brands such as Cabela’s, Mattel, PetSmart, U-Haul, and Urban Outfitters have leveraged SiteSpect’s technology and expertise to grow their businesses. SiteSpect’s patented solutions enable customers to optimize the entire digital experience from the front end to the back end while centrally managing across channels, business units, and product lines. For more information, visit

About Mango Mammoth
Mango Mammoth is a digital growth agency with technology and expertise that allows e-Commerce clients to increase sales and grow bottom-line revenue. Mango Mammoth’s proprietary S.T.O.M.P. step process is designed to analyze sales, technology, operations, marketing, and product to pinpoint areas of improvement and create a clear path for the client to achieve their goals. Mango Max, the company’s headless eCommerce framework, gives control of the customer experience back to the client and improves overall conversion rate optimization. The Mango Max headless framework was built for speed and performance and is the tool clients need to take their digital commerce to the next level. For more information, visit