Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working: 8 Fixes to Address Today

January 30, 2018

Bill Cunningham and others offer strategies to revamp email marketing where it lags. Cunningham says, “As noted above, for optimizing the ROI of an email campaign, all comes down to understanding how your customers choose to engage with the brand. Aligning the content of the email with the needs of a consumer and then reflecting how they shop in incentives or sales will help to change how a customer chooses to interact with the brand and if they’ll open it to begin with.

Bill Cunningham explains that the keys to effective email campaigns are personalization and relevance.

“This all comes down to taking the time to test and review data regarding what drives consumers to respond to each element of an email marketing campaign. For subject lines, it’s not just what content got the best response, but what time was that content sent? Are consumers more responsive to deals/coupons in the morning and recommended purchases in the afternoon? This then ties to the main content of the email. Whether or not the full email is in regard to a sale or new product line – engagement hinges on how that content is presented. Are the new items aligned with what the consumer commonly purchases?

Finally, the call to action also needs to be personalized to how each consumer commonly shops/engages with the brand. For example, the shopper who only seems to make purchases during a sale may read the email on the new products that align to her past purchases, but if there isn’t an incentive her engagement will stop there. However, if a 25% off one item coupon is included in the email, that customer is more likely to then go to the brand’s website, browse the new items and make a purchase.”


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