It’s Not Seasonal, It’s Personal

April 5, 2018

flower pot with new green plantIn early April, retailers are often stuck between finishing winter sales and moving into Spring and Summer inventory. Traditionally this leads to a race to promote summer products, but depending on your customer base this may not be the best move. FierceRetail’s Jacqueline Renfrow interviews SiteSpect VP of Sales Bill Cunningham on how to use data to navigate the changing seasons.

Don’t Keep Up With Jones’s

“In fact, one trend we are seeing among retailers is the race to be the “first” to start releasing products for an upcoming season—with advertisements for bathing suits and sundresses now coming out in February, when many of us are still bundled up for winter weather.

This is a big mistake. Rather than identifying the needs of their customers, retailers are implementing a “keeping up with the joneses” strategy for marketing and promotions to try and remain competitive. Instead of trying to match other stores, retailers should look to align with and anticipate the needs of their customer base. This type of personalization is what helps these businesses to stand out in 2018, especially against competition like Amazon.”


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