How Optimizing Mobile & Online Channels Can Yield ROI

May 21, 2015

Mobile technology has touched and improved nearly every part of our lives, and businesses have responded by making mobile part of their plans, including hospitality companies. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2015 Lodging Technology Study, 39.5% of respondents said that building customer-facing mobile solutions is their top priority in 2015.

Consumers have come to expect – and demand – a good mobile experience. For hospitality providers, the mobile experience must match the excellent customer service and experience guests encounter during stays. One way to make sure mobile and online experiences represent brands well and engage potential customers is to optimize them through testing and targeting.

Testing can determine where mobile web and app users are losing interest as well as what mobile users like and don’t like. Testing can also provide the in-depth data on how much time users spend on your mobile website or app, and where it can be improved. This knowledge helps companies deliver an enhanced mobile experience which in turn drives engagement, resulting in better conversions and revenue.

Web and mobile optimization solutions provider SiteSpect offers three tips to help hospitality executives understand how to utilize testing and targeting to make sure mobile initiatives yield maximum ROI.

This article originally appeared in the May 2015 issue of Hospitality Technology. You can read the original version here.