The Geekification of B2B CMOs in 2018

November 3, 2017

AdAge’s Drew Neisser explores how the use of data is changing the DNA of CMOs. “In fact, gathering, dissecting, deploying and protecting data is so top-of-mind that you might think these folks were becoming geeks of the first order…”, writes Neisser. SiteSpect’s CMO, Patti Foye, shares insight into how solid data is essential for telling an effective brand story for B2B marketers.

Connecting data to your story

In some corner offices, brand building and data collection are peas in the same pod. “Ensuring we truly understand our target audiences and determining effective channels to tell our story all comes back to having strong control over our data,” explains Patti Foye, CMO of SiteSpect, an ecommerce optimization platform. While Foye sees “effectively communicating the brand story remaining at the very top of every marketer’s New Year’s resolution list,” she also believes that “as we move deeper into the innovation age, every decision needs to be backed up by data” and that “within these insights lives the keys to implementing the smartest marketing strategy possible.”

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