Creating Effective Landing Pages

December 8, 2014

The definition of “landing page” is changing as the Web site homepage takes a back seat to external channels such as Facebook, and visitors today more often than not first arrive on internal pages at a publisher’s site thanks to links and search. But regardless of what you consider a landing page to be, the goal remains to drive action.

For Consumer Source, a Primedia company that offers realty listings through sites such as,, and, driving action is paramount, turning every page into a landing page.

“The landing page for us is basically as deep as we can get the user into the site, where the call to action is,” says Consumer Source Web optimization analyst Paul Terry. “We’re in the lead gen business and we bring people looking for a place to live into communication with our customers. A call-to-action could be a request for more information, a check for availability or a request for a brochure. We’re heavily SEO and SEM-driven, and we have landing pages that exist only for those purposes. How fast can we get the user to where they need to be?”

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